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This URL used to give details about our D.C. area drive to get #43, and his Veep, impeached. We were able to raise $17,000 through our button sales, and got 700 "I M P E A C H   H I M" yard signs implanted throughout the D.C. area.

It is now several years later, and we are about to get a new president.    Who knows what The Donald will do? But we'll keep this site alive, in case other actions besides our anti-war activities become necessary.

For more information on our Afghaniston project, click


===>> Another Project! <<===

As of May 2013 we are undertaking yet another project, driven by apprehension that the United States, or perhaps its proxy, the right wing government of Israel, is contemplating a war with

I R A N !

So we've mounted another local action. For information on this, click