Afghanistan Consortium -- D.C. Area

We, a small group of D.C. area residents, are appalled and disgusted at the idea that the United States is continuing a useless and criminal war in Afghanistan.

ObL is dead, al Qaeda has moved on.     Afghanistan doesn't have oil.    What is the point?

We are taking our President at his word: he wants our input and feedback to help him bring about Change. To that end, back in January 2009 we purchased 1000 No Afghan War buttons:

which we sell, for $1 apiece, to raise money for yard signs.

As of the end of April 2009 our second order of 1000 buttons arrived.

As of the end of March 2010 our third order of 1000 buttons arrived.

As of the middle of July 2010 our fourth order of 1000 buttons arrived.

As of the middle of April 2011 our fifth order of 1000 buttons arrived.

          As of January, 2012, we have two yard signs to offer people.


            The first yard sign reads;

No War in Afghanistan

            The second sign reads:

End These Wars

      Pictures of both are at the bottom of this screen.

Why yard signs? Because they are   24  /  7    !

A demo, or a march, takes an afternoon. One shouts, marches, and then one goes home and turns on the TV to see if the occasion was covered in the Main Stream Media. But yard signs show thousands of vehicles, day after day, that
Here Dwells a Citizen who Wants U.S. Policy to Change!
Yard signs are the ultimate in

Speaking Out  !

$  *  $  *  $  *  $  *  $  *  $


         As of July 2012, we've raised over $4600 through button sales, and our ninth order of 100 yard signs has arrived.    What we need now is: help in getting our yard signs out!

         Can you take some signs, and ask some neighbors to put them up on their lawns?    You would be surprised at how many neighbors will say Yes.    For we all know that the war does nothing but kill bunches of Afghans, mostly civilians, and the slaughter increases Afghan support for the elements in Afghan society that we don't like.

       IMPORTANT: Because of our success in raising money through button sales, these yard signs cost the recipient nothing.    These signs are


         This work is pleasant, but it is also time-consuming, for people whose doors you knock on will often want to tell you how bad the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan are.     Of course you must listen sympathetically, for they are our new colleagues!

If you live in the D.C. area, and can spend an hour a week on this rewarding activity, please get in touch with us.   See just below.

If you don't live nearby, you can also help by sending money. We are not organized to ship either buttons or yard signs, but it is easy and inexpensive to get your own;   just ask us how.

For all inquiries, offers of assistance, comments, and requests for yard signs, send E-mail to:

    alan    at   his   dot   com 

Here is what our yard signs look like!